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Corrèze is a very attractive department for those who love nature tourism, wide open spaces, exceptional natural sites and breathtaking viewpoints... From north to south, it is a haven of greenery, a testimony to the past also, through its tourist sites which enhance the history of this department, of this region, and it is while walking in its villages of old stones and charm that you will feel all the richness of Corrèze!

The peat bogs of Longeyroux

Go on an adventure in Corrèze, here at the Tourbières de Longeyroux

Geography, where is the Corrèze?

La Corrèze (19) is a French department located in New Aquitaine, in the south-west of France. It is bordered by (starting from the north) the Creuse, the Puy-de-Dôme, the Cantal, the Lot, the Dordogne, the Haute-Vienne. Its central position makes it an interesting holiday location for exploring eastern New Aquitaine. Covering an area of 5860km2, it is one of the least populated departments of France. The main towns are Brive, Tulle and Ussel with over 10,000 inhabitants. The highest point in Corrèze is Mont Bessou (977m), located in the Parc Naturel Régional du Plateau de Millevaches.

Corrèze climate, when to go?

The Corrèze enjoys a pleasant and fairly diversified climate in the department (due to the change in altitude).

Spring in Corrèze is mild and pleasant, temperatures can rise quickly on sunny days, particularly in the south of the department, in the region of Brive where the altitude is lower than in the north. Very vegetated, from April the Corrèze awakens with a shades of green, between meadows, trees and bushes.

Summer in Corrèze, the whole department is very pleasant, generously sunny and with little cloud cover, even in the more hilly regions. On the vegetation side, you will appreciate the shade of its numerous forests during the hikes and the beauty of its wild flowers and cultivated fields of all colors. It will be hot in July and August but the presence of more than 30 ponds and lakes, as well as the many rivers, will make it possible to swim to cool off anywhere in the department.

Autumn in Corrèze is particularly pretty, the forests are adorned with orange tones, particularly in the Monédières, where you can go on beautiful hikes.

Winter in Corrèze remains very pleasant. Near the Massif Central, the north and east of the department sometimes enjoy a few snowfalls and you can also practice winter sports near Bonnefond and Sornac, on 6 cross-country ski trails and snowshoes. You are not far from Mont Dore to hit the downhill ski slopes.

Causse Lake

Corrèze enjoys a pleasant and rather mild climate in all seasons - Le Lac du Causse

History of Corrèze

Corrèze is part of the territory of Limousin, but traces of humanity in the department date back to the Paleolithic period. We have found traces of Neanderthal Man, you will learn more by visiting the Neanderthal Man Museum dedicated to these discoveries, in La Chapelle-aux-Saints. There are then traces of Gallic and Roman occupation, Oppidums, old domus (villa) to visit in particular through the very interesting Site des Cars.

In the Middle Ages, Corrèze was organized into 4 viscounties: Turenne, Ventadour, Comborn and Ségur (also called viscounty of Limoges). From this period there are remains of castles, we recommend that you visit in particular the Château de Turenne and the Château de Ventadour.

Like many areas of Limousin and Aquitaine, Corrèze was caught in the ups and downs of the Hundred Years War, the inhabitants were often victims of sacking and looting by the English, who took Tulle twice.

In the 16th century, the Wars of Religion between Protestants and Catholics shook the region. The most striking fact will remain the destruction of the Massif des Monédières, set on fire by Louis de Pompadour, Baron de Treignac who, in the name of the Holy League, tracked down the Protestants in this region, almost destroying the entire Massif.

The history of Corrèze has always been marked by natural disasters, in particular floods. The Vézère, the Corrèze and the Dordogne, wild and important rivers, have often been in flood and since the establishment of the dams (which are used as much for the production of electricity as for the regulation of flows), this natural risk is better controlled.

To find out more about the history of Corrèze, we recommend that you visit its museums, eco-museums and tourist sites which will tell you about the adventures of the illustrious people of the region, by contextualizing the issues related to the territory. To find out all about life in Corrèze in the past, go to Les Fermes du Moyen-Âge en Xaintrie.

Ventadour Castle

Visit the historical tourist sites of Corrèze - The Château de Ventadour

Discover Corrèze

Holiday accommodation in Corrèze

Since Corrèze is a very natural department, you will find many options for accommodation, depending on your preferences. There are many campsites in Corrèze, they are perfect outdoor accommodation for the family and don't worry if you don't have any equipment, most campsites have Mobile Home type rentals or safari tents, wooden chalets… Corrèze is the ideal place to spend holidays in unusual accommodation! A cabin in the woods, a yurt, a tipi... And if you want to feel at home, rent a cottage in Corrèze, it's a perfect holiday home, with a swimming pool, a garden if you wish... options are many! There are also bed and breakfasts in Corrèze and holiday villages to find conviviality during your stay.

Accommodation in Curemonte in Corrèze

Find holiday accommodation in Corrèze, to take it easy! Here in Curemonte

Family holidays in Corrèze

Endearing, Corrèze is a perfect family destination, between lakes, rivers, forests of beech, Douglas, oak, multiple water activities, we take full eyes and heart, it is a generous country and full of surprises. You surely know (by name?) Tulle and Brive-la-Gaillarde, the two main towns of this department, which we recall in passing, are the heartland of two Presidents of the Republic (Jacques Chirac who has his family roots there and made his political stripes in Corrèze and François Hollande who was, among other things, Mayor of Tulle and President of the General Council of Corrèze).

Visit Corrèze with the Turenne Family

Visit Corrèze with the family, here at the Château de Turenne

The most beautiful villages of Corrèze...

Surprising Corrèze, at every turn it is a festival of beauty, offered to those who take the time to stroll there. Corrèze deserves, as a rural department, it is dotted with small roads sometimes rural, sometimes almost mountainous, mountains and valleys, gorges and deep forests take shape there... Holidays in Corrèze are often placed under the a sign of good living: you eat well, with a gastronomy borrowing from the marvels that nature knows how to offer. We walk there with joy, especially in its Most Beautiful Villages of France. Did you know that this famous label was born in Collonges-la-Rouge? The Corrèze is also experienced in a sporty way, lovers of thrills and sports will be spoiled for choice: descents in canoe or kayak, climbing, via ferrata, mountain biking, hiking, road biking for the brave!

Collonges-la-Rouge, the 1st Most Beautiful Village in France!

Via Ferrata at the Salient

Go on an adventure in Corrèze! Here the Saillant Via Ferrata

Corrèze is made up of a myriad of charming little villages, sometimes nestled on sunny hillsides, sometimes hidden in valleys or at the top of a hill. You have to be curious and full of spontaneity to really find the heart of Corrèze. To do so, we have prepared a practical guide full of tips for you. You will find the essentials, the addresses not to be missed. Our Corrèze Guide is made up of several directory-type parts with detailed sheets for each service provider, articles on experiences you have had and to have, as well as useful advice for organizing your stay. The Corrèze will have no more secrets for you, find us on the Facebook of the Guide de la Corrèze to experience this department day by day and on Instagram Guide de la Corrèze to fill up with stunning images!

Painter's Rock Belvedere

The Painter's Rock Belvedere, in Xaintrie

Visit Corrèze

To start exploring, we suggest you consult our Corrèze Guide, which is divided into 4 territories:

  • Brive and its region: The city of Brive (sub-prefecture) is central and all around is an attractive, sunny nature with several very interesting tourist sites, as well as pretty villages. The south-west of Corrèze includes part of the Vézère Valley, wild and mysterious.
  • Around Tulle: Tulle (the prefecture) is a city that hides its game well, do not hesitate to go for a walk there and let yourself be surprised by its heritage. Pretty villages are also present in this area, which touches the surrounding mountains and valleys.
  • Corrézienne Dordogne Valley: The Dordogne is a river of character, which has shaped splendid landscapes in the Dordogne: deep and captivating gorges. In this territory, we will meet the gabariers and their traditions, sumptuous dam lakes, real playgrounds for the whole family. You will also discover one of the most beautiful parts of Corrèze, Xaintrie!

Map of Corrèze

Throughout your discovery on our Corrèze Guide, we invite you to click to discover our articles in our blog. We crisscrossed the Corrèze up and down and across: we brought back in our luggage many great experiences, tips, ideas for outings, leisure activities, exceptional panoramas. We also left a bit of our heart there, because we come to Corrèze once and then come back regularly!

Holidays in Corrèze, Puy de la Tour

Come and prepare your holidays in Corrèze with the Corrèze Guide!