The most beautiful hikes in Corrèze

The most beautiful hi ...

Do you want a nature holiday? The Corrèze is an ideal playground for outdoor sports. We surveyed the region for you and unearthed some nice hiking routes to discover the lands of Corrèze. Put on your walking shoes, we'll take you on our favorite hiking trails in Corrèze!

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Unmissable hikes in Corrèze

The slopes of Yssandonnais
The slopes of Yssandonnais
Cars website
Around the Bariousses lake
The Luzège gorges

The Cars site, the Bariousses Lake tour and the Luzège Gorges

The GR on the roads of Santiago de Compostela

The Ways of Santiago de Compostela cross France from side to side and guide you to Spain. On the way to Puy-en-Velay, you take the GR65, passing through Rocamadour. This route, opened by the monks of Rocamadour in the 12th century, was forgotten for a long time, before being redeveloped recently. It covers 184 kilometers in Corrèze and takes you through beautiful religious sites, such as the Notre-Dame-du-Pont-du-Salut Chapel, on the banks of the Corrèze.

Several portions are available around:

Compostela in Aubazine

Hikes in the Dordogne Valley

The Dordogne crosses through Corrèze, around Argentat-sur-Dordogne, then forms the border between the Corrèze department and that of Cantal. The valley formed by the river is magnificent, with a lot of relief. A 200 kilometer hiking route allows you to discover it. It is quite sporty, with beautiful elevations. The Dordogne basin in Corrèze is a favorite site for great hikers, specializing in trail running. Several dams line the river. This is an opportunity to better understand the interest of these unusual constructions.

The Dordogne at Argentat
Argentat gravel pits
The Hautefage dam
Chambon Bridge

The Argentat gravel pits, the Hautefage dam and the Pont du Chambon, on the Dordogne

Nature walks on the Plateau de Millevaches

If you are looking for easier walks, we recommend the Plateau de Millevaches. In a green environment, between meadows and forests, many trails criss-cross the plateau. It is a protected area, with the Regional Natural Park label. If its vocation is to preserve the local fauna and flora, another surprise awaits you: It has been classified as an "International Starry Sky Reserve" (RICE). It is a world of very exotic moors and peat bogs. You will also come across charming torrents and springs, a small traditional heritage and pastures as far as the eye can see!

The peat bogs of Longeyroux
The peat bogs of Longeyroux

Heritage ” walks on the Causse Corrézien

The Causse Corrézien extends the Causse de Martel, on the border between the Lot and the Corrèze. It is an area of lakes and forests. Near Brive-la-Gaillarde, a 14-kilometre hike takes you through three emblematic villages of the Causse: Chasteaux, Saint-Cernin-de-Larche and Lissac-sur-Couze. Lovers of old stones will be in heaven, with its small Romanesque chapels, the ruins of Couzages castle and many other vestiges of the past. Don't forget to go for a walk around the Lac du Causse, and take a dip or go fishing!

At the edge of the Causse, there are also many other typical Corrèze villages, such as Uzerche, Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne or Aubazine, which are really worth a visit and are photo spots, appreciated by amateur photographers.

Causse Lake
Causse Lake

Family walk, to please the children

To make the children walk, there's nothing like spicing up the outing with a few surprises. The older ones will appreciate the Randoland puzzles. In Corrèze, there is something for all levels and for all tastes, with no less than 16 circuits!

The youngest will be more motivated by the little treasures of Geocaching. The Tèrra Aventura site offers a route “in the footsteps of the millers of yesteryear”, starting from the town of Corrèze.

The Corrèze tourist office also provides orientation courses, suitable for all ages. There are different levels of difficulty, which will allow you to get started with these games, for the whole family, then to progress at your own pace.

Don't miss the Pig Path, a very funny walk, to do with the family, which will greatly appeal to children and lovers of charcuterie... And films! Have we aroused your curiosity?

The Pig Path
The Pig Path
Blackbird Towers
Blackbird Towers

We hope that our little Corrèze hiking guide has made you want to take a walk in this beautiful region and discover the many itineraries it offers.

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